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31.9100200000 cm. H x 33.3375000000 cm. Diameter Height and diameter refer to the measurements of the top part of the heater The height of the bottom is 6 3/8, with a diameter of 17 5/8, when measuring from the handles. The base has the height of 7 1/8 and a width of 18 1/4., Item (Overall)
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A brass brazier, on stand, topped with a moon-shaped ornament, holes punctured in top section. The shape resembles a bell. The inside is dark colored. There are some dents. The bottom part is uneven and copper colored, though the bottom has mostly turned black. It has a golden rim with an uneven edge like the silhouette of mountains. Attached to this rim are two handles on opposite sides, which curve. The base stand is golden in color, with four ornate legs (one of which has fallen off).
This is an incense burning heater that was a part of Afrodite's dowry when she married George Papageorge in 1905. George and Aphrodite came to america and settled in Elgin, Illinois, where they had six children. George was the Co-Owner of the Elgin Fruit and Candy Co. He died during the Flu Epidemic in 1919. This was donated by Dennis and Paulette Economus, the grandchildren of George and Aphrodite. Incense can be used for both religious purposes in the Greek Orthodox Church and for pleasure.
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