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Horse Statue
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Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
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A small statuette of a horse, made of bronze. This item is a modern replica of an ancient piece dating back to the Geometric Era of the ancient Greeks. The horse stands on a bronze platform, plain and flat. It is shown standing on all fours, with the front right and back left legs stepping forward. The legs and stomach area are much thinner than an actual horse would have. The hips/thighs are quite wide and slightly rounded with two parallel lines etched onto them. It does have a tail that is hanging downward and does not have any design on it. The chest and neck are thicker than the legs and stomach, but not nearly as wide as the thighs. Its neck is stretched upward, as is its head. There is a swirled design on the neck/chest, which goes down to the legs. Its mane starts at the shoulders and goes to the top of the head; it's just a flattened piece of bronze with etched lines to represent hair. The ears are right at the start of the mane on the top of the head and just etched into the bronze, they do not come out from the surface. The eyes are small raised dots and it does not have a nostril hole but just a curved etched-in line for the mouth.
Found in the Jane Sarlas Estate and donated by Chris Sarlas. Part of accession that has many souvenir pieces that are from Greece so potencially the same, but actucal location of origin is unknown.
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