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Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
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Tall army green drinking glass. It is decorated with three scenes of ancient live with smaller strands of decorative patterns in between. The first half inch of the cup is smooth with no design, but directly below that is the Greek Key which wraps around the cup. Below that is the first panel of scenes. It is broken up into three parts moving right to left. All scenes have a small image of the temple but the people around it change in each scene. The first is of four women walking to the tempe, looking as if they are bringing offerings to the temple. Next is of three men, in armor, rushing to the temple. Last has two men also in armor, but behind them is a man on horse back with a man riding a chariot behind him, holding the rains of the horse the other man is riding. Below this panel is a small line of design that shows three parallel lines with axn"X" with a dot at the top and sides. There is another panel of scenes below that which shoes wildlife. There was small triangular designs on the "ground" possibly to show hills or mountains. Only animals presented are deer and all are in the same position of grazing. Under this panel is the same design of parrallel lines with "Xs" The last panel is very similar to the first set, with two sets of the scene of four women sitting in front of the temple and one scene of three men running to the temple. Under the last panel of scenes is a design of a wavy line with a dot on the crests. Under that is a leaf like design with then ends at the base. The inside is not plainted, but you can see the indents of the design from the surface decoration.
Was found in the Jane Sarlas Estate and was donated by Chris Sarlas. This piece was brought over from Greece as a souvenir and was shown as decoration in the household. Due to the material of glass and the definite crease marks when putting it together we can note that this is a cup that was influenced by early Greek work, but not an ancient piece itself.
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