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Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
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Ceramic mug, With a dark green wash with black showing through, giving it an aged look. The mouth of the cut us smooth and undecorated, about two inches down from the lip is the beginning of the goat decoration. The handle to the mug starts an inch from the lip and goes about another inch and a half down. The goat head itself is the base of the mug. The hair of the goat is represented by slightly raised bumps that are black in tone. The horns come out at about the middle of the mug, not raising that much up off the surface of the mug, but curling around the ears and to the eyes. Like the hair, the definition in the horns are made by a slightly raised surfaces and this darked in color. The ears lay in the center of where the horns curl around and point towards the lip of the mug, the outer portion of the ears are black while the inside is a the lighter green color. The eyes also sit next to the ears, up farther to the base of the mug. They protrude slightly up from the surface, creating the apperance of a brow bone. There is no difference in color for the pupil or iris so the definition of the eye is simply carved in. The eyes are also the marking point for the end of the goat hair, no matter if the hair is next to the eye or on the under side, it does not past this point. The nose and mouth of the goat are smooth, the wash of green over black is still apparent. The two nostril holes are close together and at the very tip to the piece, same as the mouth, which is just shown with a single slightly curved line. There is slight chipping on the nose, directly above the right nostril as well as below. Another small chip on the rim of the mug, parallel to the left ear.
Brought to the museum from the Jane Sarlas Estate, donated by Chris Sarlas. This is a modern reproduction of an ancient piece bought as a souvenir. There is no inscription like others from the estate, but since it is coming from the same area it is safe to assume that it is a modern creation.
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