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Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
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Ceramic vase, glazed over to look like wood and decorated with cream paint with ancient scene. On the under side of the lip is a desgin with two parallel sets of lines with leaf like pattern in between. It almost goes completely around the vase, but the area right above the handles the pattern is not connected. The neck of the vase is empty of design except the bottom half inch. That design has the same two sets of parallel lines, the design in the center looks like three flowers on their side and the stem wrapping above it. Similar to the design on the lip it is on both side of the vase but does not connect at the handle. The handles themselves have two spots to but a hand in, one by the lip and another small one at the shoulder. There is a inch and a quarter piece of ceramic that seperates them. On that piece is a geometric design of a patter of eleven dots, each connected by a line; this is on both sides of the piece. The outer part of the handle also has a pattern that is Greek keyish. On one side of the stomach of the vase is a fight scene. Both men are in armor, same skirt to it, but the chest piece seems to be opposit to one another. Both in helmet although they are not the same: one Spartan like (right) and the other Corinthian (left). The have the same footwear as well as both holding spears. Another difference will be on the shield, same size but the one on the left has a criss cross patter on the edge while the one on the right has a wavy pattern. Under the two is another set of parallel lines., inbetween which are vertical lines that are in alternating pattern of not touching the top or bottom lines. On the other side of the stomach is another floral patter, same as on the bottom of the neck, where two flowers are shown on their side and have connecting stems. On the base of the vase ther is the exact same pattern as on the lip. One the very bottom is written "Hand Made in Greece No. 25"
Comes from the Jane Sarlas Estate, donated by Chris Sarlas. This item was handmade and painted in Greece. Clearly not an ancient piece for the inscription on the bottom with the words "Made in Greece No.25" There was most likely many of these vaes made at a time and are inspired by more ancient pieces. Due to leaves in the bottom of the Vase, this was clearly a house hold accessory that was used quite requently.
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