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Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
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Rounded ceramic, three handled pot. The handles rest on the shoulder of the vase and are facing upwards. On the handle there is a single raised clay strip, which is in a wavey patter and has smaller circles indented into it, the rest of the handle is completely smooth. On the neck of the vase there is the same raised strip with small indented circles which completely circles the neck. Directly below that design is a row of raised circles, on their own, with half an inch spacing in between them, they also go all the way around the vase. On the shoulder, at the same spot as the handles, there is another sequence of raised clay strip with indented cirlces, followed by individual raised cirlces, and closed in with another raised strip. Unlike the sequence before the raised cirlces are not directly next to one another, but off centered. In the half inch space between the cirlces there is the same raised strip design, set diagonally and zig zags all the way around the vase. On the belly of the vase there are seven roundels, each showing an image of the zodica signs: the sign for Libra is represented by scales, for Capricorn the image shows a goat with a tail of a fish (this image is show in two seperate roundels), for Taurus the image shows a bull with two stars above (also shown in two seperate roundels), the image of Cancer is a large crab that takes of the entire space of the roundel, lastly there is an image of Sagittarius which is represented by a centar holding a pulled back bow and arrow. Looking from right to left the sequence of the zodiac signs are Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittatius, Capricorn and Taurus. At the very bottom of the belly there is another sequence, same as above the zodicas, of two raised clay stips with indented cirlce with individual raised circles in between with another set of raised strip with indented cirlces set in a diagonal design zig zagging between the cirlces. The base of the vase is smooth and written in black paint is " No. 444 Made in Greece"
Handmade in Greece, not an ancient piece, but more so a modern interpritation. Due to the base with the inscription of "No. 444 Made in Greece" there would probably have been more than one of these items made, if not exact than similar. This item was found among the items in the Estate of Jane Sarlas. Was a souvenir brought back home after a trip in Greece, date of unknown.
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