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ATHINON, HANDMADE- (created by)
Athinon, Kerameiki (created by)
Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
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Small painted ashtray. Painted with black, white and tan. The background color is a white gloss with the two other colots used for the design. The lip of the tray is decorated with the Greek key: black coloring used to define the lines and tan painted behind/between them. Three indents on the lip are solid black. In the center of the tray is a scene of a man playing the flute. He is in a seated position, his right leg sitting out farther then the left and also sitting with a slight hunch. There is a collum at his back. He himself is shown with black hair and is painted white with small black lines painted around the leg to indicate fabric. The flute is also white with a small spot of tan at the lip. The background of the scene is painted all black. On the bottom of the tray is stamped with "Hand Made in Greece" as well as a shop logo.
Comes from the Jane Sarlas Estate and was donated by Chris Sarlas. There is a stamp on the back noting that it was made in Greece noting that this is a modern creation. There is also a logo stamp stating that this was made by Kerameiki Athinon in Athens. There is clear signs of use, stains, so this was not simple purchased for decortaion, but was used within the household.
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