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Object Name
Plate, Decorative
Object Collection
Date Created
1900 – 2003
Object Entities
Fontana, Jane (is related to)
Sarlas, Chris (is related to)
Object Description
Complete decorative plate with a large chip (5/8 in.) at the top left, which was repaired with tape and one small chip at the bottom edge. The glaze has crazing over the entire plate. The top of the plate from the outside edge, there is a thin black band (1/16 in.), a white band (1/16 in.), a Greek Meander pattern in red and black (9/16 in.), a white band (1/16 in.), a black band (7/16 in.), a white band (1/16 in.), and the tondo in the center. The tondo features a sacrifice scene. At the left there is a two-stepped altar. The center has two men. The man in the foreground kneels on his left knee and holds the pig under the chest and the mouth. The standing man in the background holds a large knife in his left hand and reaches out the altar with his right hand. At the left ther is a palm tree. The groundline is denoted by a white band (1/16 in.) and is interrupted to the left of the palm tree. The figures are in white (the color of the clay), the background is black, and there are added details in red. The bottom of the plate has a small chip at the top right. There are also two holes drilled into the ring foot for the attachment of a string, so that the plate can be hung on the wall. In the center of the bottom is a makers mark. It says "KERAMIKOS ATHENS-GREECE HAND MADE." Below this there is a symbol that may be a "Z." Between the first and second line is a line drawing of a bull facing right between two Ionic columns.
On May 23, 2003, Chris Sarlas of 8316 Kedvale, Skokie, IL 600676, donated the plate from the estate of Jane Sarlas Fontana (donor's aunt). Donor's phone number 847-673-1347.
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