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Object Name
Mold, Candy
Object Entities
Germany, Made (created by)
Object Description
This candy mold has a series of three small turkeys. The mold is designed so that each turkey is identical and independent of one another. The turkeys are created by two identical flaps that are held together by a rod that runs through long cyclendrical hooks along the top of the molds. This allows the flaps to easily separate. On each flap there is a horizontal, metal rail that runs along side the turkeys and attaches to the top of the mold by two vertical bands of metal that barely touch the turkeys. On one side the horizontal band has been stamped to read "Germany 1644."
The piece has no makers mark, only the stamp on the band. This no doubt refers to the piece having been made in German and 1644 is some sort of ID number. However there is no evidence to support this beyond speculation. There is no information in the accession file as to the piece's history or donor.
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Mold, Candy, National Hellenic Museum, https://collections.nationalhellenicmuseum.org/Detail/objects/6905. Accessed 01/18/22.