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Object Name
43.815 cm. L Dimensions are the dimensions of the frame., Item (Overall)
Glass; Satin; Velvet
Object Entities
Sarlas, Penny (is related to)
Object Description
A framed embroidery. The base is cream-colored sating with a maroon velvet border. The image shows Jesus on the cross. Jesus is naked except for a light blue loin cloth and a large crown of thorns on his head. The figure of Jesus has been drawn in a strange, simplistic, style, so that his arms are very long and he appears to have no bones or neck. He has brown hair and a brown beard. His eyes are white dots, surrounded by brown. At the top of the cross is a white box with the letter "INBI" in black. Various flowers of different colors have been embroidered around the cross. There is a large purple and gold flower with gold leaves in the lower left. Above this are blue and pink flowers. The the right is a larger pink flower. The embroidery is inside a dark wood frame with a glass front.
This embroidery was apparently found in January 2002. No information is known about it's origin.
The crucifixion of Jesus, being a central part of the Christian religion, is a common them in Christian artwork. The letters INBI stand for "Iesous o Nazoraios o Basileus ton Ioudaion," which translates to English as "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews."
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