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Off white ypodetes. It has full length wide sleeves, almost full button down (duttons end about belly button length). The collor is higher up on the neck and is almost ruffled. There are are a holes between the forth and fifith button.
The uniform of the Evzones has a long history, which begins with the warriors (euzones) at the time of Homer and culminates in the "phoustanella" and "tsaroukhi" at the time of the Turkish Occupation. From 1821 onwards the Evzone uniform was established as the official Greek national costume. The making of the Evzone uniform is not a simple procedure. It requires knowledge and experience on the part of the makers, as well as a great deal of time and expense. The uniforms are completely hand-made. There are two types of uniform: that of the officer and that of the private and each has a summer and a winter version.
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