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Satin; Velvet
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LAZOS, JOAN (owned by)
LAZOS, JOAN (is related to)
Object Description
Item is a beret-style soft cap made out of black velvet. On the top, there is a tassel made of braided gold cords that begins in a spiral that hangs off of the right side, with the tassel hanging off. The cord is mostly attached to the hat, the section with the tassle hangs freely. In front of the tassle's beginning section, there is a hat pin pinned in the fabric, with a velvet ball on one end.
Amalia Greek costume, a Greek women's costume that originated with Queen Amalia of Oldenburg (who arrived in Greece during 1837), who actually created the costume by drawing on romantic folksy court dress inspired by Greek tradional dress and the Biedermeier style. It became a national Greek costume, and the dress became the usual attire worn by Christian Greek townswomen
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