Object ID
Object Name
1.9050000000 cm. D Dimensions are the dimensions of the frame., Item (Overall)
Glass; Linen; Wood
Object Entities
Counelis, Koula (owned by)
Object Description
A framed embroidery. The background cloth is off-white and made of linen. A large black cross is embroidered at the center. Instead of being straight across, the arms of the cross are at an angle. The cross has knots on it, as if it were meant to be made of logs, rather than purpose-cut planks of wood. At the bottom of the cross is a large red anchor with a large red heart attached to it. Around and behind the main elements are brown twigs with green leafs, as well as pink flowers. The frame is wood with a glass front. The edges of the frame are carved.
The origin of this embroidery is unknown, but it was apparently owned by Koula Counelis. The embroidery contains the Christian religious imagery of the cross, the heart, and the anchor. The anchor, a common symbol of Christianity and Jesus, symbolizes "faith". The heart symbolizes "love". The anchor symbolizes "hope". The importance of these three things comes from a Christian bible verse: "And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."
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