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Date Created
1967 – 1988
Object Description
Decorative stationery envelope.  The front is white and has the addressee's name and address handwritten in cursive, in English, with black ink. In the upper left-hand corner features a small dark rectangle with white type font and a image of a white bird with wings stretched out in flight.  There are two postage stamps affixed to the upper righthand corner of the envelope.  The stamp on the far right is a pinkish-brown, the stamp on the left is a bright red. Both have been stamped with a round black emblem with that includes the date on it. The other side is adorned with a watercolor spray of dark and light red Poppies.  The spray features a very large prominent dark red poppy flower with black center and black stamens.  Green and gray branches and leaves with smaller, lighter colored poppy flowers reach outwards from both the left and right sides of the large red poppy.
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