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Date Created
1967 – 1988
Object Description
Postcard or greeting card cover with beige background featuring a fauvist depiction of a rooster.  This flamboyant bird has the general shape of a rooster, but is composed of blocks of warm fall colors that reveal feathers.  The feathers on his body are compact and rounded; and are either mustard yellow, barn-red, gray-blue, gray-green, autumn orange, black or white.  Each rounded feather has a white dot in the center which seems to punctuate and contrast each vivid color.  It's tail feathers are lacy and flamboyant, almost resembling a peacock in the way they fan up.  It's face is blue-gray; his wattle hangs down from under his pointed beak and is reddish brown.  His crown-like comb of red, gray and gold stands high on his head and finishes this unique depiction of a rooster.
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