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Date Created
1967 – 1988
Object Description
Two statuettes; a black trojan war horse with its counterpart trojan warrior.  The horse is very tall compared to the man, and black with gray or silver face, mane, tail and hooves.  The gray coloring may be due to wear and tear vs. artistic expression.  It's wearing full battle regalia; quilted golden colored saddle blanket, a red pad, and black saddle.  It is standing erect with all four hooves on the ground, and appears to be wearing armor that extends from its rump to the bottom of its tail.  The warrior is male and looks fierce.  His hair is shaved on the sides with a mohawk-style strip of black hair running down the center of his head.  His forehead is high and broad and his eyes are wide open and topped with heavy dark eyebrows.  His mustache is full and he's holding his arms up in an aggressive gesture as if ready to fight.  His tunic is golden-yellow with a black sash stretched over his left shoulder and tied to his waist-belt. 
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