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1967 – 1988
Object Description
Chalk sketch of a snow-filled ski run in winter and colorfully dressed skiers.  Perspective is from the bottom of the hill.  The wide snowy run is lined with fir and pine trees painted in muted colors of mostly gray-green, teal and haystack-brown.  The path narrows towards the top, and bares left.  On the right side of the run, towards the bottom of the hill, is a line of tall poles going up the hill.  Each one bearing a small triangular flag which is either red, green or yellow.  There are small clusters of skiers gathered at various points up the ski run.  Most groups are facing uphill with the front tips of their skis pointed out and the back ends almost touching behind them.  A few skiers are lying on their backs with their skis and poles up in the air.  A few other skiers are faced downhill and seem to be actually skiing.  Skiers are all dressed in colorful puffy jackets and contrasting knit hats in various colors; pink, orange, yellow, green and blue.  In the foreground and on the left side of the picture, is a green ski lift/tow-rope machine.  In the very front, there is a ski rack on the left with skis and ski poles leaning against it.  On the far right, there is another ski rack with skis and ski poles leaning against it.  Both racks are simply constructed with upside down 'v-shaped' supports on both ends that connect a simple square beam. The racks are bright orange; the skis leaning against them are simple uncolored drawings of skis outlined in black.  In the front and center, are multiple pairs of ski poles and skis standing straight up in the snow. 
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