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Cover, Pillow
Date Created
45.8800200000 cm. W x 68.1050200000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Moraitou, Katina (created by)
Strimboules, Ann (is related to)
Moraitis, Katina (is related to)
Object Description
White pillow coverlet, shaped like a square envelope.  The front has a triangle-shaped flap that folds down over the opening of the coverlet pocket, giving it the appearance of an envelope.  The flap is edged in white Battenburg lace.  A large white Battenburg lace heart decorates the center of the coverlet flap.  Laurel wreath-like cut-work outlines the shape of the heart.  Around the heart, three clusters of flowers with stems and leaves on either side decorate the laurel wreaths.  A diamond-shaped window of floral lace embellishes the center of the heart.  On the pocket or base of the coverlet, there are two small clusters of cutwork flowers with stems and leaves arranged on either side of the flap. The back is undecorated.
Donated by Ann Strimboules. Item was made by Katina Moraitis in Tsesmne Turkey, circa 1920 as a part of her dowry. The donor states: "Katine Moraitis was born in Tsesme, Turkey in 1889. She was the oldest of eight children. Her father Nicholas was a tobacco grower and also worked as an accountant and manager of a larger farm. With the turmoil that was going on in Turkey, the family left and settled in Greece on the island of Chios. The family had lost everything and thus scattered to survive: my grandfather and youngest uncle went to France, whild another uncle, George came to America. My mother followed my uncle (a true pioneer woman) and worked for a manufacturer of fine clothing. She brought with her her dowry, which she had embroidered as a youg girl.Quotas were limited for immigrants of my mother's background consequently in 1922, her arrival was with a passport of different ethnicity and name. Her marriage to my father was arranged in 1924. I was born in Greece in 1930 and adopted at the age of two months. My father and I were close friends and were always surprised when mother came home to tell us some new quest that she had performed."
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