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March 22, 2013
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Zannis, Anthony and Maria (owned by)
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Zannis, Maria (is related to)
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This coin is a replica of a solid gold coin, the Gold solidus of Constantinople, BYZANTINE EMPIRE. Constans II, 641-668 AD.  It is constructed of metal with gold plating.  Embossed on the front, are forward facing crowned busts of the emperor and his son.  Both busts appear ancient; eye's are round and button shaped, hair is depicted with wavy lines and they are both wearing togas.  The bust on the left is larger than the one on the right, and is wearing a simple crown with an elevated cross on it.  He has a long beard that falls to the middle of his chest which is cropped straight across according to the fashion of his day.  The other bust is slightly smaller and appears to the right and slightly behind the first bust.  He has no beard, and also wears a simple crown with a cross elevated on it.  Between the two figures, is another small cross embossed between the two crosses on the crowns forming a straight line of crosses.  On the back, a large cross is featured on ascending steps between two standing emperors dressed in togas.  Both are wearing crowns with crosses on them and are holding large crosses in their right hands.
Donated by Dr.'s Anthony and Maria Zannis. Date of when the replica was made is unknown.

Constantine the Bearded (Konstantinos Pogonatos), was Byzantine Emperor from 641 to 668. He was the last emperor to serve as consul, in 642.[1][2] Constans is a diminutive nickname given to the Emperor, who had been baptized Herakleios and reigned officially as Constantine. The nickname established itself in Byzantine texts and has become standard in modern historiography.
Born on 7 November 630, the son of Constantine III. Raised to co-emperor in summer 641 after his father's death due to army pressure, he became sole emperor after the forced abdication of his uncle Heraklonas. Baptized Heraclius, he reigned as Constantine. "Constans" is his nickname. Moved his seat to Syracuse, where he was assassinated, possibly on the orders of Mezezius.
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