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Medal, Commemorative
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1940, 1916 – 1940
Object Entities
Zannis, Anthony and Maria (owned by)
Zannis, Anthony (is related to)
Zannis, Maria (is related to)
Object Description
Yellow ribbon with two navy stripes, one on each side. There is a bronze metal strip that says 1940.The medallion is bronze with a cross. A wreath of olive leaves make a circle connecting the points of the cross. There are two swords that cross making 8 points with the cross. In the center of the cross and where the two swords cross there is a dove with its wings out. . On each leg of the cross it has a greek writing saying "in Defence of the Homeland." On the back of the medallion it says Greece in greek with the years 1916-1917 underneath.
Donated by Dr's. Anthony and Maria Zannis. The medal is a Greek Miltary medal of Merit for World War I.The medal was the creation in 1916 of the Revolutionary Committee based in Salonika and was known as the ‘Military Medal’. It was instituted formally by Royal Decree on 30 June 1917 and the name changed to the ‘Medal of Military Merit’. The medal continued to be issued in World War II, renamed the ‘Distinguished Conduct Medal’ but with the addition of a bar with the date ‘1940’.
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