Certificate, Membership

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Certificate, Membership
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July 1, 1926

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Friar, James (owned by)
Friar, James (is related to)
Chebithes, Vasilios (is related to)
Nickas, Andrew (is related to)
Object Description
ORDER OF AHEPA /MEMBER CERTIFICATE/ OAK PARK CHAPTER #104. At the top is the symbol of AHEPA - A large eagle with its wings spread widely over a laurel wreath that has a blue cross in its center with crossed swords behind it.  At the bottom left is a round gold seal with a red, a white, and a blue ribbon. Along the left hand margin is a large ornate filigree gold 'key' with blue background and red embellishments.  The text includes the following:  The Supreme Lodge of the Order of AHEPA To whomsoever these presents may come Greeting. It being certified that James Friar, a citizen of approved qualifications and good moral character, having complied with all requirements prescribed by this order, was, on the 5th day of MAY 1926, Duly initiated into the sacred mysteries of the AHEPA by Oak Park chapter, number 104. Wherefore the degree of Archon Polites is hereby conferred, entitling him to all honors, rights, and privileges thereto belonging. In testimony whereof and by virtue of authority in us vested, this certificate is granted and the seal of the supreme lodge aforesaid hereunto affixed. Given at Washington in the District of Columbia this 1st day of July in the year of our lord nineteen hundred and twenty six. Signed by the Supreme president and Supreme Secretary.
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