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Object Name
Newspaper Clipping
Date Created
February 1, 1932
Glass; Paper; Plastic
Object Description
FRAMED ADVERTISING CLIPPING. PICTURE OF REAL ESTATE BROKER, GUS C. MANOS. The title at the top is 'Brokers' Notes.' An image of Gus Manos is on the right, with the text wrapping around it. There is a hand written date at the bottom, January 18, 1932
The donor is the daughter and son in law of Gus Manos.
Gus Manos.
1918- Started and stayed in real estate until he passed away in 1986. He would make leases for fellow Greeks who owned buildings on major street corners. He made most of the leases for Charles Walgreen I who was the owner of the up and coming drug company of the 1920's and would also make leases with Charles Walgreen II
1930- Met Sam Liacakis and his son George Liacakis owner of the Liacakis Dairy Company. In 1933 took over the dairy company and changed the name to Swiss Dairy which was later sold to the Borden Company.
1933- Married Lillian Liacakis and had 3 children, Anna Leah 1934, Senya 1940, and Connie 1946.
1940-Establishes Swiss Food Products Manufacturing, with introduction of Swiss Instant Consomme. Two years later came the instant gravies, the mushroom gravy came later. 1942 Swiss Products introduced their Swiss Instant Soup Bases.
1970- The latter part of the 70's, the last big deal in real estate came when he sold the northeast corner of indiana and 18th street which was the Eastman Kodak Building, to the Cuneo Press Company. He owned the Southeast corner of Indiana and 18th street for approx 40 years and sold it to the cith of Chicago who in turn placed the widow Clarke's house, the east of the building onto the vacant lot he owned.
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