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Object Name
Lamp, Oil
Object Collection
Helen's Collection (is part of)
Glass; Tin
Object Entities
Frangos, Helen (owned by)
Frangos, Helen (is related to)
Object Description
Four-sided, footed tin lantern.  Each side consists of a glass panel framed in tin. The lantern is topped with a four-sided tin dome that has a large tin ring attached to the top of it. One of the glass panels is hinged and has a hook so you can open it like a door. Inside the lantern, there is a round container made to hold the oil and wick.  The lantern sits on four tin legs; one in each corner.
Donated by Helen Frangos. Most likely used for everyday use in a home. The lantren burned either oil or kerosene which means it is circa mid 19th century to early 20th century when electric lighting became more accessible and affordable.
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