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Decorative Liquor Bottle
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ITALY, MADE (created by)
FOR METAXA, (owned by)
Orphan, Mary (is related to)
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Evzone Statue / Liqueur Bottle - Ceramic man wearing white foustanella with red vest, black buttons down the front,  and red & black shoes.  He is carrying a silver dagger in his left hand, and a large amphora in his right. Logo at the bottom reads "METAXA" in upper case black letters with gold lining around the outside and beneath it reads "Famous Greek Specialty Liqueur in red cursive letters. To the left of this reads "FIVE" in silver letters with "92% PROOF" below it in black letters. To the right reads "STAR" in silver letters, and beneath it reads "1 PT. &FL.OZ". On the back side of the base is a sticker listing the production information. The top of the piece has an opening for a cork. The bottom of the base labels the Metaxa copyrights to the piece.
This is a decorative decanter ca. the 1960's or 70's. At times the evzone may be wearing a blue outfit instead of red and the METAXA logo may read "OUZO" instead. the Evzone decanter was also paired with another collector decanter. That of a woman in traditional garb. Metaxa was founded in 1888 and Spyros Metaxa opened the first brewing facility. The company has survived both world wars and specializes in producing award winning brandy liqueur aged in French oak wine barrels for the smaller pours of the wood which is said to slow the absorbtion of the flavoring of the liqueur.
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