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Gatsis, George (is related to)
Gatsis, Mary (is related to)
Gatsis, Ourania (is related to)
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Candy covered almonds tied in a yellow and white boubouniera or wedding favor.  The boubouniera material has a yellow silk center surrounded by white mesh and is edged with matching yellow silk. There is a simple white cloth ribbon that ties it off.  Inside is a minimum of 7 candy covered almonds - exact count uncertain.  The almonds form a little yellow silk bundle at the bottom, topped by the simple white ribbon.  The remaining yellow and white silk from the favor top it off elegantly. 
Boubouniera from the wedding of George and Ourania Gatsis on October 10, 1922. Boubouniera's are given to the wedding couple on their wedding and are filled with candy coated almonds to represent the bitter and the sweet in marriage. This is an Orthodox custom.
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