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66.3575000000 cm. W x 249.5600800000 cm. L This measurement doesn't include the fringe. Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Bartzis, Elenie (is related to)
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Multicolored stripes, Greek key design a quarter of the way through and edges has tree (design) with fringe. Colors: pink, gold, green, maroon, black, and beige. The first stripe is red, followed by the black and beige "tree" design. Then there is a red, tan, and another red stripe of equal width. After this is two pink stripes separated by very thin red and tan stripes. Then there is red, gold, and another red stripe of equal width. This is followed by blue and green stripes. Then the pattern repeats, until it reaches a quarter of the way through. In the middle is the Greek key design on a beige background surrounded by black trees. This design repeats.
Runners like this could be used as a part of a dowry. The Greek key may have symbolized infinity and unity in Ancient Greece, and was very popular during the Geometric Period. Runners were placed on bare tables as decoration.
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