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Box, Candy
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Date Created
circa 1990
Object Entities
Bowl Sweet Shop, The (created by)
Thermos, George (owned by)
Thermos, George (is related to)
Object Description
Large, rectangular, off white candy box from the Sugar Bowl. All white and slightly textured, in the very center there is Sugar Bowl logo that features an ancient Greek looking sugar bowl. At the very top of the box, in a shade of olive green, the print reads, "You've tired the rest-Now try the best" Directly below this is the elaborate sugar bowl: the base of the bowl curves up and right as it gets to the lip, about an inch and a half it curves back downward, making a semi handle on both sides. Coming up from the curve is the "lid" The inside of the bowl is decorated with geometric designs and has the text "Sugar Bowl" and in between that is "Sweet Shop." On the left bottom corner of the bowl reads "NET WT. 80 oz. (5 LBS.). Under the bowl says "Our Own Made Candies & Ice Cream" On the top length side reads "Sugar Bowl Sweet Shop-Restaurant. 1494 Miner Street-Northwest Hwy. Des Plaines, Illinois 60016-4603. Telephone: 708-824-7380." One the opposite side the ingredients are labeled, "Hand Dipped Chocolates, ingredients: chocolate, sugar, corn syrup, nut meats, fruits, coconut, molasses, gelatin, pectin, creamery butter, cream, milk, dried egg whites, edible oil, salt, natural and artificial flavors, and US certified colors."
The Sugar Bowl Sweet Shop was open from 1921 - 1997, under Greek ownership. It served the Des Plaines community for decades before it was closed. The store made home-made candy, as well as operated soda fountain and restaurant. The store was closed/sold in 1997 when the manager of the shop (the nephew of the owner) was arrested for attempting to hire an individual to murder his uncle (the shop's owner).
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