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101.7600200000 cm. Diameter Since the cloth is star shaped, the diameter was taken from two of the points. The dimensions may change depending on how this is displayed, due to the fact that it is a textile., Item (Overall)
Cotton Crochet Thread
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Kanakis, Estelle (is related to)
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White tablecloth with crocheted square insets. The tablecloth is star shaped, with raised crocheted flowers at the recesses between the points. The points are somewhat diamond shaped and have flower designs on them. Inside of this star, there is a smaller star with its points at the raised flowers. The edges of this star are made of solid crocheted material with flower designs in the triangles between the points and the circular center. The circular center has four cloth insets which are dome shaped. There are five diamonds filled with the flower design, one in between each inset and one in the middle. At the corners that aren't touching the cloth insets, there are raised flowers.
Estelle Kanakis, the donor, was born in 1921 and died in 1966. Her parents, Thomas and Helen Kanakis, were both Greek immigrants during the early 1900s. Estelle grew up with five brothers, and was an active member of the Greek community and the Greek Orthodox Church. After World War II, she served as the president of her youth chapeter at Assumption church and was active in the Greek Orthodox youth of America. She also served as a member of the church's chior and women's club. She also served as executive secretary of the Hellenic Foundation, among many other organizations. Notes: Was used in Greek Folk Art exhibit, 1993 and was loan item 15.1993.4
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