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19th century
65.8825200000 cm. H x 43.9750200000 cm. W The width was taken at the bottom of the apron. Since it is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed, Item (Overall)
Velvet ; Wool
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Caloger, Ethel (is related to)
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Half apron front used as part of bridal dress. Black wool background with significant embroidery of gold, red, blue, green, and yellow. At the top of the apron, there is a band of dark red velvet and two dark red velvet loops on either side. The apron has a black wool rectangle outlined in the middle with a triangle to either side. The outlining was done in gold with red, blue, green, and yellow rectangled. The bottom of the apron has four lines of gold embroidery, the first two of which are on a red background, while the bottom two are on a black background. The first row features two intersecting wavey gold lines that form circles. The next two rows have a design that looks like waves with red, blue, green, and yellow waves occasionally. The last row has a gold zigzag pattern. The back of the apron has light blue fabric with a dark blue grid pattern and red diamonds in some of the squares formed by the grid. These diamonds have a white square inside of them, which in turn has a blue square inside of it.
The origin of this apron is unknown. It was given to the donor in Greece in the early 1970's as a "souvenier" from Greece from a lady friend of their family Notes: Beautiful example of a very decorative bridal apron
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