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This plaster cast of a young female cupid has been painted with gold paint. The sits in profile with her head turned forward and looking slightly down. Her right leg, the closest to the viewer, is extended and her right arm falls down to her waist. At one point this foot must have fallen off and has since been glued back on. A bubble of glue is visible. She has raised her left knee and rests her left arm on it while a small pile of flowers modestly covers her lap. Her long thin wings extend from her back but and kept close to her body. "109B" is stamped on the angels backside hidden from the viewer. There is also a small green felt circle on the statues bottom.
The angel was used for display in Nicholas Bacil's confectionary shop, Delos Candies, in the south side of Chicago. The bakers was opened before World War II (see photos 2007.7.1-4) and looks like it was quite popular.
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