Object ID
Object Name
Box, Jewelry
Date Created
26.9875000000 cm. W x 15.5575000000 cm. D, Item (Overall)
Metal; Wood
Object Entities
Bacil, Constantine (is related to)
Object Description
A wooden jewelry box. The front of the box is carved with a geometric floral pattern, and the lid the is carved with a leaf pattern. In the middle of the lid is a colored image of an ox-cart on a country road. The box's four feet and small handles on either side are also carved. Inside the lid is a mirror with a floral pattern around it. The wood around the mirror is painted gold. The box has metal hinges and a metal hasp with room for a lock. On one side of the box, there is a metal slider attached to both the inside of the lid and inside of the box, presumable to keep the box open.
Based on research, this box was made as a jewelry box, probably during the early or mid 1900s. The manufacturer is unknown. According to the information provided by the donor, this box belonged to Delos Candies and was used by them as a candy box.
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