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43.0225200000 cm. W x 73.1850200000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Marlas, Helen (is related to)
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Bridal apron fully embroidered in gold, yellow, bule, and green on black background. The bottom of the apron has a blue background with intersecting upward-facing half circles in golden embroidery. The apron is divided into four sections by embroidery. There is a short trapezoid at the top, a rectangle down the middle, and narrow trapezoids to either side. In the trapezoid at the top, there are two spirals that come together to a point in the middle. As for the trapezoids on either side, they have a yellow base of two spirals coming together, and then there is swirling gold embroidery that goes up to a point, making a rounded triangle. Above this triangle, there is a green and blue leaflike design, with green on the bottom and blue on top. The green has seven leaves while the blue has five. In the central rectangle, two triangles come together to form a bigger triangle at the top and at the bottom. The bottom triangles have a red base, while the top triangles have a green base. In the middle, where the triangles would come together, there is a circle. The circle has a golden center, surrounded by green,yellow and red, with small embroidered hoops on the outside. Above the circle, there is a small blue design that looks like a tornado. On either side of the circle, there are spirals in yellow, blue, and green. There is a fringe of small loops on all of the edges of the apron except the top. the back of the apron is black with yellow lines and blue diamonds. There are two small loops at the top of the apron so it could be attached.
Aprons are a part of the traditional dress for Greek women. Notes: Very ornate bridal apron worn on front of dress. Most ornate apron seen to date. Beautiful display value.
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