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39.2125200000 cm. H x 45.2450200000 cm. W Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
Linen; Velvet
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A small vest lined with beige linen. Exterior is black velvet with metalic thread edging and spiral patterns. Decorated with metalic thread on back as well. front has four metal hooks. The spiraling patterns of the metallic thread have groups of three circles along it. Near the bottom front corners, this group of three pattern isn't followed, and the spirals resemble flowers. There is a 1 inch golden border around all of the edges. Along the bottom and the opening at the chest, there is a blue background with golden loops in it. There are fourteen golden balls on the left side and fourteen balls on the right side where the vest would be secured together in the front. On the back of the vest, the one inch border goes up on either side to form a V with a flat bottom. The blue background can be see where the border doubles back on itself and has thin whirling golden thread on top of it. At the top of each line, there is a thin line that connects the border to the sleeve hole. The vinelike design follows the border and comes up to form what looks like a tree in the middle of the V. At the top of the vest, there is a small amount of the vinelike thread that comes down to a point. The sleeve holes of the vest are outlined in a thinner golden braid.
The vest is a traditional part of Greek folk costumes. The donor's father, Aristotle, came to America from Greece in 1903 and worked many jobs in New York and Ohio, until he settled in Chicago Heights, IL. He founded a small retail general store in 1907 selling ready to wear and specialized in the sale of fabrics. He is reputed to be the first Greek in this business in the U.S.A. His business prospered and he became very active in the church and other community activities in America and in Greece. For his many good services and contributions he was awarded the title of Grand Crusader of the Order of the Orthodox Crusaders of the Holy Sepulcher by the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Damianos II.
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