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Damianos, John (is related to)
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Greek doll (female) in turquoise costume. Starting with the bottom-most layer of clothing, the doll wears an off-white skirt with yellow, purple, and green waved lining. Over that skirt, she wears a red apron. The apron has off-white lace around the edges, as well as 2 off-white squiggled lines that frame a black, green, and yellow stripe through the middle. Over both of those articles of clothing, is a bright turquoise skirt. The front of the skirt is open and folded over, in order to open the skirt to show the underlying pieces of clothing. Around the edges of the turquoise skirt is off-white lace and metallic gold lining. Above that are gold sequins with white beads over them. Around the waist of the doll is a pink elastic sash with a two yellow squiggly lines as adornment. The doll's top is 3/4 sleeved, with green, yellow, and orange colored threading, along with off-white lace. Her top is a light purple color. The doll wears a tall turquoise hat with metallic gold strings attached to both the hat and her top buttons.
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