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Furla, Maria (collected by)
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Blouse is a pepto-bismol pink color and does not appear to have a closing mechanism at its front. The garment is generally made up folds of varied widths that have vertical embroidery details (using a similarly pink thread) per each panel created. The embroidered portions are overlayed with smooth portions around the collar and horizontally around the waist. These sections are outlined with scalloped red and white ribbon and blue ribbon. The short area underneath the horizonal ribboned panel flares slightly. The garment's interior is unlined and the seams, though clean, are visible. The blouse's size (very small) and color suggest that it was worn in conjunction with a Greek costume for a little girl.
The blouse would likely have been paired with another component of a Greek costume. The bright, rather than muted, color suggests that the garment is relatively modern; perhaps from within the last two centuries.
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