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39.21252 cm. W x 42.38752 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Vavasis, Theana (collected by)
Vavasis, Theana (is related to)
Karatjos, George (is related to)
Brotsos, Maria (is related to)
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Red, pink, and black horizontal striped tagari (wool shoulder bag).There is a pink fringe on the top held down by red stitches. The strap of the bag is red and black with a knot in the middle. It is connected to hoops made out of pink yarn. The bag itself is stitched together with red along the sides. It has three main designs, which are repeated and seperated by beige stripes. The first design consists of a thin line of red on the outside, followed by black, then orange, then a black and beige dashed line, then pink, red, and orange in the middle. The next design has a thin line of red on the outside, followed by a thin line of orange, with a thicker black line in the middle. The final design has a thin line of orange on the outside, followed by a thin line of black, then a thicker line of red or pink, followed by another thin line of black with a thick line of orange in the middle.
Tagaris were used as handbags or for collecting various forms of produce, including olives.

The donor's grandfather, George Karatjos was educated and lifed most of his life in Greece. A native of Samos, he died there during the German occupation about 1943. He was the father of the donor's late mother, Maria Brotsos.
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