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February 12, 2003
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Furla, Maria (collected by)
souvenier, As (created by)
Furla, Maria (owned by)
Furla, Maria (is related to)
Object Description
A sqaure, rayon scarf from Greece. In one corner there is a handpainted picture of two lovers. They stand in a grassy area in front of a fence. A lamb looks up at them from their feet. The man is wearing an evzone costume of white, blue and red with a red, feathered cap and complete with pom-poms on his shoes. He is holding a woman who is also in traditional garb. Her costume looks like a karagouna in style with a long skirt and over coat. But her costume is in green and orange unlike real karagounas. The edge of the scarf is lined in red tulips.
Donated by Maria Furla. This scarf was hand painted in Greece, most likely as a souvenier. The man in this painting is wearing a traditional evzone costume. The Evzones are several historical elite members of the Light Infantry or Mountain unit of the Greek army. Now the presidential gaurds wear these uniforms. The woman looks like she is wearing a karagouna with a long skirt, over coat and head scarf. But instead of wearing the typical black and red colors, she is wearing orange and green.
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