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Date Created
February 12, 2003
Cotton ; Metal
Object Entities
Furla, Maria (collected by)
Manufactored, (created by)
Furla, Maria (owned by)
Furla, Maria (is related to)
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Object Description
A black cotton, triangular headscarf. The scarf is decorated with small, thin fake coins that are engraved with decorative symbols, made to look like greek letters. The coins are sewn on with thread through a small hole in the coin. There are a series of these coins on the edge of the scarf and then a few more in the center.
Donated by Maria Furla. Possibly the headscarf worn with a karagouna costume. A karagouna is a famous Greek costume for women from Thessaly, Greece. The costume is a wedding dress of bright colors to signify the wealth in the valleys of Thessaly. Karagounas are worn with a black, embroidered head kerchief scarf wrapped and then twisted around the head and decorated with gold coins across the forehead.
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