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Object Name
72.5500200000 cm. W x 82.7100200000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Pamel, Masrian Vournas and Peggy (collected by)
hand-embroidered, manufactured (created by)
Voumas, Masrian (is related to)
Pamel, Peggy (is related to)
Object Description
This is a sky blue cotton apron, bibbed, with pockets and hand embroidered embellishments.  The top of the bib has a loop that goes over the head, and two bold beige stripes running horizontally across the center. Beneath the stripes, there are two clusters of daintily embroidered flowers.  As we move down towards the body of the apron, there are two generous pockets; one on the left, the other on the right.  Both pockets are decorated with the same two beige stripes as the bib which run horizontally across, and the same two clusters of flowers appointed beneath the set of stripes.

Each and every flower cluster contains three flowers; one red, one white, and one blue. The trios are arranged in a triangular fashion with clusters of green leaves between them.  The centers or pistils of each flower are embroidered as a simple dot with their corresponding petals in the same color which are embroidered in an equally simple fashion.
At the bottom of the apron, the set of stripes appear again with multiple clusters of daintily embroidered flowers arranged beneath them.

The strings cross in the back to form an X, and tie around the waist.  
In the Object condition Report, this apron is described as a "Horiatiki Apron." Horiatiki is the traditional form of Greek salad, consisting of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, and feta cheese. Aprons are used to prevent getting clothes dirty while cooking.
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