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Silk; Velvet
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Bacil, Constantine (collected by)
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Unlined, long-sleeved, red velvet vest for a child. There is a series of hooks at the lower frontal area that allow for the vest to be closed. The vest has gold piping around the bottom edge, the opening flaps and neck, as well as the sleeves' cuffs. There are also gold embellishments on the back panel by the neck and lower edge made up of a curling design with sequins. The velvet is somewhat faded, stained, and wrinkled and is coming apart from the gold piping at the sleeves and the opening flaps. The seams of the exterior embellishments show on the vest's interior.
Vest appears to have been a part of a costume of some sort. It's difficult to tell from what period the vest's form draws its inspiration from but does not resemble any styles from the twentieth or twenty-first centuries.
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