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circa 1918
Object Entities
Phillos, George (owned by)
Secaras, John (collected by)
Object Description
Part of a U.S. WWI Army cavalry uniform.

Dark russet brown leather legging molded to fit over a soldier's calf. Designed to wrap around the calf, it is open at the knee and the ankle.  There is a buckle made of the same leather that secures the legging in place.
The uniform was donated by John Secaras. It was worn by George Phillos during World War I. Going into WWI the uniforms underwent certian changes and in 1902 a board was formed to review army uniforms. They became more efficient and had an emphasis on comfort and reliability. Changing the color to the olive drab signified the importance of camouflage and blending in. By the time the U.S. entered the war in 1917, the reforms were all in place. This Cavalry uniform is probably from the 1912 standard pattern. The double pockets, high collar, and the shoulder straps are all charachteristics of this style and were identical for all ranks. The design on the buttons is also an indicator of this style. The russet color leggings also fall into the description of the 1912 uniform. Tunics and overcoats were similar for officers and enlisted men. The hat is an overseas cap that was probably not issued until 1917.
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