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Object Name
Date Created
1912, 1912
Taffeta; Wax
Object Entities
Farmakis, Daisy (collected by)
Govostis, (owned by)
Govostis, Castas (is related to)
Govostis, Marico (is related to)
Farmakis, Daisy (is related to)
Object Description
26" long cream colored candle with 3" wide ribbon tied in a bow and 7" of wax flowers from Wedding of Castas and Marico Govostis in Vresthena, Sparta, June 3, 1912.
Decorated wedding candles are an essential component of the Orthodox wedding. They are used throughout the service and - at various times - held by the bride and groom. Two candles are tradionally tied together with a ribbon to symbolize the union of the couple.

The ceremony starts as the Bride and Groom are each handed the white candles to symbolize their willingness to accept Christ into their lives. These candles are to be provided by the The Koumbaro who is like a "best man." Traditionally, the koumbaros was the groom's godfather. In traditional Greek weddings, the koumbaro's role is highly symbolic, and his duties are many.
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