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Date Created
1950 – 1970
Object Entities
Vranas, Bill (collected by)
Mitchell, Helen (created by)
Mitchell, Helen (owned by)
Vranas, Bill (is related to)
Mitchell, Helen (is related to)
Vranas, Peggy (is related to)
Object Description
Lady's light green and off-white floral pill box hat. Size 22. Green mesh hat frame covered with fake petals of various sizes and shapes. The petals are largely off white / cream, with various petals striped with light green. Smaller white fake flowers attached to stems are interspersed among the petals. All is sewn on using green thread. Base of hat is trimmed with strip of green velvet. Petals are largely in good condition and well-attached, some are yellowing slightly with age. Some petals have shifted or bent so that mesh base is visible in a few places. Hat base is slightly warped and dented from its original circular shape and petals (especially at the top) have been pressed down against the frame.
Store bought or created by Mrs. Helen Stamas Mitchell (Peggy Vranas' mother) circa 1950's through 1970's. Part of donation of 10 ladies' hats (1999.9).
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