• Shoe

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Object Name
Date Created
October 26, 1904
10.7950000000 cm. H x 9.6850200000 cm. W x 25.4000000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Cotton; Leather
Object Entities
(Dilberakis), Julia (owned by)
Dalber, Julia (is related to)
Manos, Victoria (is related to)
Hart, Anthe (is related to)
Object Description
A women's white satin wedding shoe. One of a pair. The insole and lining are white leather, while the outsole is tan leather. The shoe is small and narrow. There is a strap with a button hole across the top of the shoe, with two buttons that can fasten the strap. The outer button is white and apparently came with the shoe. The inner button is painted white and is attached to an extra piece of fabric that was apparently sewn onto the shoe. There are eleven nails heads visible inside the shoe near the heel, in a horseshoe pattern. One of the nails in the top of the heel has poked through the insole and is now sticking out of the the shoe. There is writing on the bottom of the shoe.
These shoes were worn by Julia Dalber for her wedding to Peter Dalber on October 26,1904. They were donated by Victoria Dalber Manos and Anthe Dalber Hart, who are probably her daughters.
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