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Eliopoulos, Nicolas (collected by)
Eliopoulos, Nicholas (is related to)
Pazouras, Konstantina (is related to)
Eliopoulos, Christ (is related to)
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These are black men's leather dress shoes. These were specifically used for a wedding. They have black laces. The inside of the shoe is a light brown color. Printed on the interior, there is a faded silver oval with unidentifiable text or design. The shoes have hard, black soles that are slightly elevated in the heel. The bottoms are scuffed and discolored to a faded brown. The leather is slightly worn and weathered yet it still has a shine to it. There is some white discoloration on the right toe from distress of wearing. There are some scuffs on the sides and on the sole. The laces are flat, black and in great condition.
These shoes were worn by Christ Eliopoulos to his marriage to Konstantina Pazouras, parents of the donor, in 1929 in Kapsia, Arcadia, Greece. The couple came to Chicago in early 1930.
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