Object ID
Object Name
28.2575000000 cm. W x 35.5600000000 cm. L, Item (Overall)
Object Entities
Barbatsuly, Peter (collected by)
Barbatsuly, Katina (created by)
Object Description
An oil painting on purple silk. In the center is a picture of a house on the bank of a lake. The house is white and red and there is smoke coming from the chimney. There are trees or bushes next to the house. There is a small figure fishing from the bank. The figure is wearing a red shirt, blue pants, yellow shoes, and a yellow hat. On the lake is a small yellow boat with a white sail. Large pink flowers are painted at the upper left and lower right of the purple. Vines and leaves extend out from the flowers, framing the picture in the middle. In the upper left of the picture is a Greek word that translates as "memento". The silk is sewn to a piece of paperboard.
This painting was done by Katina Barbatsuly, although the date and place of origin is uknown. It is also unclear if this was painted for a special occasion or how it might have been displayed.
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