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Barbatsuly, Peter (collected by)
Barbatsuly, Theodore (owned by)
Barbatsuly, Peter (is related to)
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35.5" wooden cane with rubber stopper on tip. Made from tree branch
Owned by Theodore Barbatsuly. He was born in 1889 in Kastoria, Greece. Died 8 June 1964 in Newburgh, NY. His father, Panayatis Barbatsuly was a furrier. His mother was Kalopic Mavrovites. He came to NYC in August 1923, originally working as a furrier. He bought a farm in Pattekill, NY Jan.1924 with the backing of his brothers, John and George. He was engaged to Katina in Kastoria and returned to Greece in Jan. 1924 to get married. He fled Greece alone to avoide being drafting. Once returning to the US with his wife, they also took Greek tourists as boarders in their home in addition to farming. Children: Peter T. (Panayatis) born 4 October 1926 John T. (Yani) 24 August 1927 Paulson 21 November 1931. All born in Newburgh, NY.
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