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185.2625200000 cm. W x 211.4550000000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
Linen; Wool
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Maroon and white with rose design in center. The bedspread is mostly maroon, with white roses. The edge has three white lines that come in occasionally, forming part of a triangle. The same border is repeated around the rose pattern. Between the two borders, there is a repeated floral design, which looks like four big flowers with a diamond where the points of the flowers would meet. This design is repeated over and over. The rose pattern acts a a border, inside of which is another flower border, which has a line border inside of it, which is filled with diamonds, except for an oval in the exact middle, which has roses in it.
Bedspreads were often used as a dowry gift in Greece. The potential groom would judge the size of the stack of blankets produced for the bride before deciding on whether or not to marry her.
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