Object ID
Object Name
29.2100000000 cm. W x 3.9700200000 cm. D x 46.9900000000 cm. L Length includes the handles, which protrude out past the sides of the tray. Depth also includes the handles., Item (Overall)
Glass; Linen; Metal; Wood
Object Description
An embroidery framed as a tray. The background cloth is off-white linen. The thread is metallic green and gold, embroidered in a symmetrical floral pattern. The tray is made of wood, with a leather backing and glass over the embroidery. The wood is lacquered on top and painted black on the sides. There are metal handles attached to the top of either short end of the tray and other pieces of metalwork attached to the top of each long end.
The origins of this item are unknown, but the embroidery was apparently made in Greece. The item was used as a tea tray. In this way, a piece of artwork could be given a utilitarian purpose. The glass protected the embroidery while still allowing people to see it.
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