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125.2550200000 cm. W x 143.8275000000 cm. L Since this is a textile, the dimensions may change depending on how it is displayed., Item (Overall)
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Barbatsuly, Peter (collected by)
Barbatsuly, Peter (is related to)
Barbatsuly, Theodore (is related to)
Barbatsuly, Katina (is related to)
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50 x 56" yellow tapestry with purple designs. Made in Belgium. It has an octogon in the middle, and many geometric designs. The border has purple and yellow flowers. There is a purple flower to each side, and a yellow flower in the middle. In between the flower design, there is a diamond design with a + in the middle and yellow surrounding the diamond. Inside of this border, there is another border with purple diamonds outlined in black and with black in the middle. In the middle of the octogom there is a shape that is narrow on each end and bigger in the middle. Outside of the octogon, there is a purple design that looks like an elongated grid. On the opposite side, the colors are reversed.
Peter Barbatsuly donated these items in honor of his parents, Theodore and Katina Barbatsuly. Theodore was born in 1889 in Kastoria, Greece and died in 1964 in New York. Katina was born May 1897 in Farsala, Greece and died in 1984 in New York. They got engated in Kastoria, and he came to New York City in August of 1923. He and his brothers worked as furriers, and bought a farm in 1924. He then returned to Greece to get married, then fled Greece alone to avoide the draft. Katina and Yaya Calopie Barbatsuly went to Canada and then the US in 1925. The farm also served as a boarding house.
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